Impressions Eblast

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Add the DTF Mach™ Printer to Your Decorating Mix and Save Up to $6K!

Looking for a cost-effective way to create designs with vibrant colors, opaque whites as well as sharp and fine images with NO need for pretreatment? Available for all file formats, DTF prints are extremely durable and stretchable and are suitable for light or dark textiles compatible with cotton, polyester, blended fabrics and more.

Introducing the Mach™ DTF printer series from A pioneer in DTF technology, has developed these cutting-edge machines that have a productivity output 200% to 400% of DTG systems, making it ideal for print shops of all sizes. For less than $40,000 you can have a printer package that will create robust and intense designs built on the NEXT GEN Epson 13200 engine (upgradeable 2- to 4-printhead options). The machines allow transfers to be ganged for optimum production output.

Save $6K on the Mach ™ IV Printer package (which has four print heads); $5K on the Mach™ III; and $3K on the Mach™ II printer package. Come see us at the Impressions Expo Atlantic City March 23-25 in booth #113, but first click the link below and complete the form using Code AC23 to save big.