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DTF 17″ Single Sided Film (Hot Peel)


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Discover perfection in our new Premium Hot Peel series – the epitome of cost-effective quality. As industry leaders in Direct to Film (DTF) printing, American Print and Supply presents unparalleled consistency and rigorously tested supplies. Unleash versatility with our premium DTF Film Rolls featuring a double-sided matte/matte finish and hot peel functionality for flawlessly smooth applications.

17″x328′ Double Sided Film. The best in the business.



Introducing the latest addition to our exceptional film lineup – the Premium Hot Peel series. Embraced by our devoted community during extensive testing, this series represents the perfect balance between cost and quality.

At American Print and Supply, we exclusively offer the pinnacle of Direct to Film (DTF) printing solutions. Our commitment to industry-leading consistency and quality is unwavering, as evidenced by our rigorous testing and meticulous selection of supplies.

Unveil unmatched versatility with our premium-grade DTF Film Rolls. These remarkable rolls showcase a double-sided matte/matte finish, complemented by the convenience of hot peel functionality, guaranteeing a flawlessly smooth application.

Crafted to cater to an array of materials including cotton, polyester, and beyond, our DTF Film Rolls stand as the go-to choice for achieving impeccable outcomes. This film proves equally invaluable for small-scale print shops and expansive commercial productions. Its remarkable shelf life, both pre and post printing, is further enhanced when paired with our inks and powders – resulting in astonishing vibrancy, luxurious hand feel, impeccable washability, and unparalleled overall results.

Each DTF Transfer Film roll measures an impressive 24″ in width and has a length of 328 feet, ensuring seamless compatibility with any roll-fed or roll-to-roll DTF printer.

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So, what is the difference between Double and Single sided film? In essence, double has a uniform coating on both sides that enhances consistent feeding through pinch rollers during printing. This characteristic not only streamlines the tension adjustment process on your roll holders but also minimizes the need for frequent vertical alignments. Delve deeper into the advantages through our informative video HERE.

Key Features:

  • 1 x Roll of DTF Transfer Film
  • Dimensions: (13″ x 328 feet)
  • Thickness: 75 microns
  • Finish: Double-sided Matte
  • Peel: Hot Peel
  • Weight: 14lbs

Elevate your printing game with the Premium Hot Peel series – your gateway to a world of uncompromised quality, superior efficiency, and remarkable results.

Hot Peel Instructions

These are starting points, your mileage may very depending upon press and substrate. Polyesters can use less heat and time than cottons

  • Press Temp: 285 Degrees
  • Press Pressure: Medium
  • Time: 10-14 seconds (8-10 for polys)
  • Finish hit 3-5 Seconds with teflon finish sheets for best results

Adjust temperature, pressure, and time for each substrate until maximum results are found

Additional information

Weight 0.0 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 6 × 6 in