DTF Premium V2 Bulk Ink – 1 Liter WHITE


Introducing our Ultra enhanced V2 Direct to Film Inks, now with an even more efficient formula that minimizes ink usage while maximizing opacity. Elevate your designs with vivid and precise colors, complemented by an unmatched white opaque finish.

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*Note V2 is backwards compatible with V1. There are no issues mixing the two blends.

Our top-tier Direct to Film Inks are meticulously crafted to breathe life into your
creations, offering a brilliant and true-to-life color palette. Engineered for
a variety of film substrates, these inks guarantee a sharp and professional
appearance for your designs. Whether you’re printing high-resolution graphics,
intricate patterns, or fine text, our inks strike the ideal balance of clarity,
vibrancy, and opacity to ensure your designs stand out.

A standout feature of our Direct to Film Inks is their exceptional color accuracy, achieved through the use of only the finest pigments. You can rely on our inks to faithfully represent your intended colors without any unexpected shifts or discrepancies.

Direct to Film Inks now boast an unparalleled white opaque finish that truly accentuates your designs. Whether applied on a light or dark substrate,
our inks provide a consistent and captivating layer of white, ensuring a bold and eye-catching visual impact.

Available exclusively in White, packaged in convenient 1 Liter Bottles. Redefine your printing experience with our upgraded Direct to Film Inks.

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