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The Hawk system is versatile and adaptable, perfectly suited for a diverse array of sectors including small boutiques, bespoke printing businesses, and creative agencies. It allows for the customization of a wide assortment of items like shirts, hats, footwear, and bags, offering endless possibilities for creative designs. Equipped with dual-head printing technology, the Hawk enhances production speeds while its integrated dryer ensures consistently high-quality finishes. It is designed to be incredibly user-friendly, appealing to both beginners and experts in printing, ensuring a smooth operation. Furthermore, the Hawk promotes environmental sustainability and cost efficiency through its precise printing and material usage, reducing waste and lowering operational costs, thereby supporting eco-friendly practices and bolstering profit margins.

Hawk – 2 Head DTF Printer and Matching Duster

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Explore new possibilities with the Hawk Printing System, a reliable workhorse that serves as an ideal entry-level commercial duty printer. Hawk 24″ Dual Head Printing System – a versatile solution that strikes a perfect balance between the efficiency of a high-speed 4 head and the ease of operation of a 2 head setup.


The Hawk system is designed to effortlessly integrate into a variety of settings, from small boutiques to custom print shops and creative studios, enabling the decoration of a wide range of items such as shirts, hats, shoes, and bags with unlimited design possibilities. It features advanced dual-head printing technology for fast production and a dedicated dryer to ensure high-quality results consistently. Despite its advanced capabilities, the Hawk is very user-friendly, accommodating both beginners and experts, making the printing process smooth. Moreover, it stands out for its eco-friendly and cost-effective operation, thanks to its efficient use of materials and reduction of waste, thereby supporting sustainable practices and improving profitability.


Key Features:

  • Perfect Entry Level Commercial Duty System

  • Extreme Reliability

  • Simple and Highly Effective

What: Direct To Film Turnkey System “Hawk”

Print Heads: Epson i3200 <2>

Print Modes:  4pass / 6 pass / 8 pass <130+ SF/Hr on Production 6 Pass>

Arrangement: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White (1CMYK + 1W)

Roll Media Width: 24” (60 CM)

Print Driver: Print EXP

Rip: Flexi 22 / Digital Factory V11 (Upgrade)

Recommended Footprint: 12’x14′

Package: Turnkey – DTF Printer, Matching Duster, Starter Supplies, Laptop, Rip Software

Installation: Remote Installation & Training w/ Onsite Upgrade Option

Print Method: Direct to Film
# of Nozzles / # of Heads: (180 x 8 rows)/2 Epson heads
Operating System: Windows 10 or Above
Ink Type: DTF (American Print and Supply)
Power Requirements: 15 Amp 110 Volt [Printer] 30 Amp 220 Volt [Duster]
Print Modes: 720/540/360 dpi 12 modes +
Operating Temperature: 70°F-75°F
Channels Color: 1C1M1Y1K + 4W
Operating Humidity Range: 55% -75%
Maximum Resolution: 1440 dpi

Maximum Print Width: 23.6 inches

Printer Size: 65”x30”x55”

Duster Size: 74”x42.5”x42”

Dusting System: Matching Duster & Oven with manual recirculation
Warranty: 6 Months + Extendable

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