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Pegasus 17″ A2 – UV Printer

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The Pegasus UV DTF Printer offers unparalleled precision and vibrant color reproduction for direct-to-film printing. Elevate your printing capabilities with this advanced solution, perfect for textile and promotional product customization.


The Pegasus 17-Inch UV DTF Printer is an innovative piece of equipment that uses Ultra Violet light to print directly to a film transfer that can be applied to virtually any hard surface.


Key Features:

  • 6 Color Expanded Gamut

  • Built in Laminator and UV Curing Lamps

  • A2 Size for compact but powerful footprint

  • Ease of Operation due to Aqueous based UV inks

Equipped with state-of-the-art UV printing technology, the Pegasus opens up a world of possibilities for your printing needs. The UV ink system delivers vibrant, fade-resistant colors that pop off the page, making your designs stand out with a captivating brilliance. Say goodbye to traditional printing limitations as the Pegasus enables you to print and transfer to a wide range of hard substrates.


  1. Ultra Violet Direct to Film (UV DTF) Printing: The Pegasus 17-Inch UV DTF Printer allows direct printing
  2. UV LED Technology: Utilizing UV LED curing technology, this printer ensures fast drying times and enhanced durability of prints. UV LED curing also enables printing on a wide range of materials, including heat-sensitive hard substrates, without causing any damage.
  3. A2 Format Printing: With a 17-inch print width, the Pegasus printer offers an ideal print area for all your favorite substrates
  4. 6 Color Printing: The TX800 print heads within this unit have 6 channels which allow expanded gamut. Additional color spectrum outside of CMYK are Light Cyan and Light Magenta. Vibrant designs pop off the page even more!


What: Ultra Violet Direct To Film Turnkey System “Pegasus”

Print Heads: Epson TX800 <3>

Print Modes:  4pass / 6 pass / 8 pass <30+ SF/Hr on Production 8 Pass>

Arrangement: Cyan, Light Cyan, Magenta, Light Magenta, Yellow, Black, White, Varnish (1CMYK + 1W + 1V)

Roll Media Width: 17” (42 CM)

Print Driver: Print EXP

Rip: Flexi 22

Recommended Footprint: 8’x6’

Package: All in 1 System with Laminator, No Duster Needed

Installation: Remote Installation & Training w/ Onsite Upgrade Option 

Print Method: UV
# of Nozzles / # of Heads: (180 x 6 rows)/3 Epson heads
Operating System: Windows 10 or Above
Ink Type: UV DTF (American Print and Supply)
Power Requirements: 15 Amp 110 Volt [Printer]

Print Modes: 720/540/360 dpi 12 modes +
Operating Temperature: 68°F-75°F
Channels Color: 1C1M1Y1K1LC1LM + 6V + 6W
Operating Humidity Range: 45% -75%

Maximum Print Width: 16.4 inches

Printer Size: 42.5” x 35.5” x 47.5”

Dusting System: Not Applicable
Warranty: 6 Months + Extendable

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