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Filtrabox Micro DTF Fume Extractor


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Compact DTF Fume Extractor featuring a 1-micro blower and advanced 3-stage HEPA filtration for optimal efficiency with hobby lasers or small-scale industrial laser setups. Effectively removes, filters, and reintroduces purified air into the working environment. Specifically engineered to conveniently fit beneath work tables and desks.



  • F9 Pre-filter: This pre-filter effectively eliminates a significant portion of submicronic respirable dust, safeguarding the essential downstream HEPA filter from strain and premature clogging. The filter media is housed in a durable aluminum cartridge to prevent contamination bypass, and its high surface area mini-pleat design ensures excellent capacity and efficiency for smaller applications.
  • HEPA filter: The HEPA filter undergoes testing at 99.999% efficiency for particles at 0.3 microns. It efficiently removes 99.999% of the most aerodynamically penetrating particles, known to be 0.3 microns, while also capturing smaller and larger particles. The filter media, encased in a rigid aluminum cartridge, resists contamination bypass, and the mini-pleat design ensures high capacity and efficiency for smaller applications.
  • Gas Filter: The gas filter is filled with a blend of high-grade activated carbon and potassium permanganate, effectively eliminating a broad spectrum of laser-generated VOC gases at the molecular level. With 20 lbs of adsorption media, it ensures high capacity and efficiency for smaller applications. Learn more about VOCs.

Reasons for Using Individually Separated Filters (HEPA and Gas) vs. Combined HEPA/Carbon Filters:

Diverse materials result in varying proportions of dust and VOC gases. For instance, lasering acrylic produces 90% VOC gases and 10% dust, while lasering wood produces 10% gases and 90% dust. Individually separated filters allow for replacement based on the specific material lasered, optimizing cost savings and reducing landfill impact. In contrast, combined filters may lead to wasteful scenarios where one portion needs replacement prematurely, compromising economic efficiency.

Significance of Rigid Filter Cartridges:

Filtrabox systems employ high-pressure vacuum blowers to extract fumes from lasers into high-efficiency filters. As filters accumulate dust, negative pressure within Filtrabox increases. The sheet-metal cabinet and seals resist deformation and air leaks under extreme pressure. Therefore, rigid filter cartridges are crucial to prevent dust and VOC leakage. Filtrabox filter cartridges are built tough, using a thick aluminum box structure to resist flex and maintain contact with sealing surfaces. In contrast, cardboard-cased filters may flex and crumple under typical fume extractor pressures, leading to contaminants’ leakage.


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Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 36 in