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Hotronix® Hover Heat Press


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With two modes — hover for curing or press for application — the 16″ x 20″ Hotronix Hover heat press is great for DTG and screen printing operations, as well as heat transfer application.


Introducing the Hotronix 16in x 20in Auto-Open Heat Press with Hover – Your Gateway to Effortless and Precise Heat Transfers!

Experience the pinnacle of heat press technology with the Hotronix Auto-Open Heat Press, designed to elevate your production efficiency and ensure impeccable results with every application.

Key Features:

  1. Auto-Open Convenience: Equipped with a patented magnetic assist lockdown and an auto-open feature, the Hotronix Heat Press eliminates the risk of over-application and streamlines your workflow. Whether you’re applying one transfer or handling high-volume jobs, the auto-open feature adds unparalleled ease to your printing process.
  2. Over-the-Center Pressure Adjustment: Engineered with a patented Over-the-Center Pressure Adjustment and a flotational heat platen, this heat press guarantees even pressure and a pinch-free application, irrespective of substrate thickness. Achieve consistent, professional results with every use.
  3. Digital Readouts for Precision: Hotronix stands out with digital readouts for time, temperature, and pressure – a game-changer in the world of heat presses. Bid farewell to guesswork, as these precise displays ensure you always set the correct parameters for optimal heat transfer.
  4. Even Heat Distribution: Featuring a cast-in, tubular cal-rod heating element strategically spaced across the 3/4″ thick platens, the Hotronix press delivers uniform heat distribution, eliminating cold spots. Enjoy the reliability of even heat for flawless transfers.
  5. Wide Opening for Easy Placement: The Hotronix clam presses boast a wide 65-degree opening, providing a 10% larger workspace than most clam-style presses. This ensures safer and more straightforward positioning of garments on the lower platen, as well as secure placement of transfers and graphics.

Upgrade your heat press experience with the Hotronix 16in x 20in Auto-Open Heat Press with Hover – where innovation meets efficiency for exceptional heat transfer applications.

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