Son of a Gladiator – 17″ Compact Footprint Commercial Duty DTF Duster / Oven

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Discover the 'Son of a Gladiator' – a compact yet potent 4-head DTF system ideal for space-limited environments. Experience the power of our flagship Gladiator condensed into a smaller footprint, maintaining its robust build and performance. Say goodbye to compromises and welcome a new era of quality in small-format printing.

Son of a Gladiator – 17″ Compact Footprint Commercial Duty DTF Duster / Oven

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Introducing the ‘Son of a Gladiator’ – a compact yet powerful 4-head DTF system designed for spaces with limitations. This scaled-down version of our premier Gladiator retains its robust build and performance, fitting through standard doors without compromise. Say goodbye to sacrificing quality for size with this innovative solution.


Facing space constraints but still craving the potency of an industrial 4-head system? Look no further than the “Son of a Gladiator” – our flagship 4-head DTF Gladiator expertly condensed to fit into a compact footprint.


Key Features:

  • Industry first Commercial Build Quality in Small Format

  • Fits through standard 32” Door

  • Same High quality print heads as Large Format

  • Power Conveyor and Automatic Powder Recirculation

This system is essentially a scaled-down version of our premier Gladiator, maintaining all the robust build qualities of its predecessor while fitting through a single wide door. Bid farewell to the era of associating poor build quality with small-format printers.


Compact Footprint Assurance: Don’t be deceived by its size. The small-format market has a history of subpar build quality, but we’re here to redefine that narrative. Small no longer equates to cheap.

Efficient A2 Size: With a 17” print media, this system is ideal for garment decoration. The A2 size minimizes media waste, making it perfect for oversized graphics and efficient production.

Reliable and Durable: Engineered for longevity, this robust machine is a wise investment, offering unwavering support for your creative endeavors in the long run.


What: Direct To Film Turnkey System “Son of a Gladiator”

Print Heads: Epson i3200 <2>

Print Modes:  4pass / 6 pass / 8 pass <100+ SF/Hr on Production 6 Pass>

Arrangement: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White (1CMYK + 1W)

Roll Media Width: 17” (40 CM)

Print Driver: Print EXP

Rip: Flexi 22 / Digital Factory V11 (Upgrade)

Recommended Footprint: 10’x10’

Package: Turnkey – DTF Printer,  Matching Duster, Starter Supplies, Laptop, Rip Software

Installation: Onsite training in Peoria, IL (customer responsible for travel)


Print Method: Direct to Film
# of nozzles / # of heads: (180 x 8 rows)/2 head
Print Method: Direct to Film
# of Nozzles / # of Heads: (180 x 8 rows)/2 Epson heads
Operating System: Windows 10 or Above
Ink Type: DTF (American Print and Supply)
Power Requirements: 15 Amp 110 Volt [Printer] 20 Amp 220 Volt [Duster]
Print Modes: 720/540/360 dpi 12 modes +
Operating Temperature: 68°F-75°F
Channels Color: 1C1M1Y1K + 4W
Operating Humidity Range: 55% -75%
Maximum Resolution: 1440 dpi

Maximum Print Width: 16.6 inches

Printer Size: 42.5” x 35.5” x 47.5”

Dusting System: Automatic Powder Reciruclation
Warranty: 6 Months + Extendable